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  • Positive vs. Negative

    Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

    Use the existing air handler-No cutting-less work-No certifications needed


    The result is a much more efficient system that cleans the entire HVAC system more effectively, in less time. This system costs considerably less than negative air duct cleaning equipment, requires virtually zero maintenance, and provides a visual WOW Factor that results in repeat business and rave reviews.

    RamAir vs. Negative Air Duct Cleaning Equipment
  • Manufacturers Bio

    David Hart is a Certified Forensic Operator with 30 years of field experience in the cleaning and restoration industry. Over the past 15 years, in addition to continued fieldwork, David has designed cleaning and decontamination systems that have advanced the global HVAC, IAQ, and medical industries to the next level, for which he has been awarded U.S. patents.


    The top industry publications and organizations turn to David for information on these topics, and cleaning and restoration professionals travel from around the world to train at his facility in Bend, Oregon. David served in the U.S. Army, during which he was selected for Military Intelligence, and is Chapter Leader of the Guardian Angels Alliance.

    Video Training on Airduct Equipment Training

    Training video. More details to understand the equipment in operation.

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